MOL AccessPortal Ties Up with Country Partner to Roll Out MOLePoints in the Philippines

Kuala Lumpur, 28 July 2005 – MOL AccessPortal Berhad (MOLAccess) today announced its MOL Country Partner exclusive licensing deal on the canadian online pharmacy viagra MOLePoints business model with the operator, Digital Media Exchange (dme), a company incorporated in the Philippines, which in turn is a subsidiary of Digital Media International, Inc. MOLAccess has expanded its innovative online micro-payment system, which is MOLePoints to the International market following a launch of MOL International late last year. Today, MOLAccess has secured six countries in the MOL Country Partner Program namely Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

MOL Country Partner Program is a duplication of how to obtain viagra samples the existing MOLePoints business model in other countries. MOLAccess provide the partner with the technologies required to implement the business model in the respective country; these technologies include the MOLePoints innovative online micro-payment system and cheapest prices on viagra the games portal. MOLAccess also provide the country partner with expertise, advice, branding and operating procedures. The country partner is able to enjoy relatively low initial capital and ongoing investment capitalizing on ready-made technologies perfected by MOLAccess. MOLAccess also continue to research and develop new products and services for the country partner while tying up international partners to add value to the MOLAccess business model. Country partner is required to pay license, software and system fees to set-up a localized MOLePoints system to operate the business in their local country as well as continuous revenue share.

Digital Media Exchange (dme), represents the Philippines and will operate MOL Philippines by investing, managing and generic viaga canada operating the MOLePoints, an innovative online micro-payment system at MobiusOnline (MOL Philippines) which is a localised portal in the Philippines. dme is South East Asia’s pioneer in integrating digital content technology and operational expertise to deliver superior digital entertainment services. dme’s online games division has successfully registered 1.9mil users. These users will be utilising the MOLePoints micro-payment system once they log-on to MobiusOnline (MOL Philippines) and plays the online games. Present at a media interview today, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, chief executive officer of MOLAccess said, MOLAccess business model is unique, it is based on a pent-up requirement in the Internet industry. Unlike other physical business models, MOLAccess business model does not require a huge amount of funding as a majority of the capital expenditure has already been spent by MOLAccess in developing the us overnight cialis system and tying up technology partners. This has given the MOLAccess model a better return on investment as compared with physical outlet businesses that generally provide a return of investment of 24-36 months. He added, We are very enthusiastic and optimistic to roll-out MOLePoints in the Philippines as MOLePoints will further capitalise the 1.9mil registered users in that country and obviously it would attract new users as well.

Speaking on behalf of dme, Scott Countryman, President and Chief Executive Officer said, MOLAccess has various built-in advantages over existing payment platforms, including proof of cialis 20 price its quality in the market and an experienced IT team in Malaysia to support the product. MOLePoints offers convenience to our customers and better efficiency to manage our overall distribution. We believe in strength through strategic partnerships and canadian pharmacy this deal should enable dme to continue to grow rapidly in the Philippines and in the region.”

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The Company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 9 February 2000 as a private limited company under the name of Superior World Sdn Bhd. It assumed its present name on 8 July 2000 and was converted into a public limited company on 29 April 2002. The Company was officially listed on the MESDAQ Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the Technology Sector on 22 December 2003. The Company is a Malaysian-based MSC Status company specializing in Internet media and e-commerce, leveraging on a global network of physical outlets acting as physical media and cash-based payment collection centres for online transactions. It operates six core programmes namely,, MOLePoints, MOLCyberCafes, MOLeSolutions, and Antennix with principal target market segment from the generation Y age group of 15-30 years old, which are IT and Internet savvy, particularly in developing countries.

Founded in 2003, Digital Media Exchange (dme) is South East Asia’s pioneer in integrating digital content technology, and operational expertise to deliver superior digital entertainment services. The company provides exchange, localised marketing and hosting services for a variety of digital media content. dme has already demonstrated success in the first market it has entered with the publication and distribution of two blockbuster online computer games, MU Online and Gunbound in the Philippines. dme’s online games division, boasts of what replaced cialis over 1.9M registered users and a peak of .315M+ unique accounts playing each day. The company’s superior infrastructure and click now world-class support services also contribute to sustaining this market success. Reliable 24×7 connectivity to the game and its community has played a crucial role in increasing the game’s appeal to its loyal and growing market base. dme continues to aggressively expand, innovate and license premier content to serve the pfizer cialis uk exploding demand for interactive digital entertainment throughout English speaking markets in South East Asia beginning with Philippines, Guam and Saipan in 2004 and moving onto Malaysia and Singapore in 2005.

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